Celebrating My Accomplishments

One of the first lessons I learned in counseling was how to celebrate my accomplishments, regardless of how small or insignificant. My depression killed my motivation to do nearly anything. Sitting down to watch tv episodes was a chore in and of itself, and I LOVE watching tv. Thus, doing anything like making myself a sandwich, or cleaning out the cats litterbox, was especially difficult to gather the energy for. The most I could accomplish on a normal day in the peak of my depression was washing some dishes or taking out the trash.

Training myself not not only acknowledge my success in even the smallest of tasks was hard. It took baby steps. I would be proud of how I managed to pack a box. I rearranged one drawer in my dresser that was driving me nuts. Each day has a different range of success. Some days I still manage to only do one or two things, but other days I’m on an accomplishing roll.

A lot of blogs have reoccurring posts, certain topics they like to touch on regularly. I’m going to use this one to remind myself that it’s ok that you simply cleaned up that table top, it needed to get done and you can be proud that you did it.

So without further ado, here are some of the things I’m proud of myself for this week.

  • I went and exercised! Say whaaaaat! I took yoga all of last semester through Bearobics at Baylor and loved it. I decided this semester to branch out a little more as well. Katie and I have gone a few times now to Totally Toned, which is total torture while also feeling incredibly good. I was sore for four days after my first time, but this time I’ve handled it a lot better. I’m hoping to go to both this and some yoga during the week, maybe also try Bear Cycle finally (which I hear HURTS). It’s past time to try to get a little more in shape.
  • IMG_9568Rearranging our bathroom cabinets. I should’ve taken a before picture but I didn’t remember to. We’d never really figured out a system for all of the random stuff we stored in our bathroom. I finally figured out a way to have everything we use more often easily reachable, while also still being able to see what we have all together. This is one of those “I’d been planning on doing it forever but didn’t have the motivation until I finally did” tasks, and thus I’m SUPER PROUD of it. Now of course I desperately want to replace our toothbrush holder, since it’s one of the few things left on the counter. I’ve never liked that thing.
  • Being more active on Pinterest. Now I don’t really mean I’m proud that I’m spending more time online. It’s more that I use Pinterest as a sort of mood board, or a place to save anything I see and think “oh that’s a good idea, I might want to try that.” It’s a fantastic source of inspiration to me. That being said, I pretty much only use Pinterest to sort through housing or crafting inspiration, which isn’t everyones thing. Maybe someday I’ll get into the food side of Pinterest. But until then, you can get an idea of what our someday future house might look like by checking out my boards here.
  • I went to Target and didn’t buy anything. Now, the irony is, I absolutely went there to get sweaters to use for a Doctor Who cosplay that I will likely still end up getting. But I held off because they’re certainly not necessary to get in life, even if I can pay for 4/5 of the cost with gift cards. I would be happy with them but I’ll also be happy without them. Also it’s just a success anytime I go to Target and don’t buy anything (even if we might be going back tonight to get something shhhh it’s still a win, I had self control!).
  • I can make my own dip! There’s a certain dip the Rogers taught us to make that I am OBSESSED with. I credit it for making me somewhat like avocado now (I still can’t eat it plain ewwww, but I love it with other things). It’s SO simple – just tomato, avocado, some olive oil, and greek seasoning – but I can eat tons of it in one sitting without even batting an eye. Even more impressive – I CAN MAKE IT MYSELF. I’m not a big fan of using sharp kitchen knives because I’m not very skilled with them – which of course, if I were to actually use them and work on that, I’d get more skilled. So I’m super slow at cutting up the tomato and avocado, but still, I do it myself!!! And then proceed to eat all the dip in less than two days so I have to make more. But it’s great and I can make something in the kitchen and I’m proud of it.

There’s plenty of other things I could put down, like actually waking up around 9 am every single day this week, but my goal is to pick out a few things each week. And really, I think it’s a great idea for everyone. It’s important for your mental health to think positive thoughts, so remember – it’s ok to be proud of yourself for things you might think are silly!

Anyone else accomplish anything big or small this week? I’d love to hear about it!

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