SDCC 2015: Thursday, aka Real Day One

Thursday is always such an exciting day at Comic-Con for me. There’s this feeling in the air that anything can and will happen. Summer camp for nerds has officially begun.

Well, it doesn’t really officially begin until 9:30 or so when the floor opens, but if you’re only arriving to the convention at 9:30, you’re behind. I believe I woke up at about 5 am Thursday morning so I could get into my cosplay, put on makeup (ugh), and walk to the convention center to find the general admission line. (Before the event lets anyone in the building, there’s basically only two lines – one for Hall H, and one giant line for every other thing you can imagine.)

Today I was planning on dressing up in a cosplay no one was going to really recognize at all, because the episode won’t air for another month and a half. When I saw the set pictures for episode 10, I fell in looooooooove with this top and bought it immediately. I don’t have those wedge sneakers, and may or may not get them (apparently they’re comfy), but put on black skinny jeans with black shoes and you’ve got the outfit together! With cosplays like this it doesn’t take long to put on, but makeup and I are not good friends so I still needed to get up early to do that.

I headed down to the convention center and wandered around for a bit trying to figure out where on earth the end of the general admission line was. Finally I reached the end out by the bay and was once again joined by Diego (yaaaaaaaay!). I got warm reeeeeal fast when the sun decided to come up, but oh well.

The line probably didn’t move for another 2 hours, but sometime around 8 we started moving into the building. We headed up the stairs, around Ballroom 20, and back outside where we weren’t really that far back in line for the Doctor Who signing. So once again we waited.

We chatted a bit with the guy ahead of us in line and one of the line guards, who was possibly the most fascinating person I met the entire event. He apparently had a lot of money doing, maybe real estate? but the IRS took a lot of it away and he has a lot of feelings about that, but he retired with a good amount of money, and now for some reason here he is guarding a line at Comic-Con. He monologued for quite a bit and we were super amused.

The drawing for the signing was supposed to begin at 9, and 9 rolled by, and continued to roll by. It wasn’t until 10 that the line finally began to move. We discovered that the line would split off inside, allowing everyone to go for the different signings they wanted, but about 90% of the line was there for Doctor Who. We got up there, drew our tickets, and were unlucky :(. Diego’s brother behind us a ways in line got lucky though and got to go to the signing! So at least one of our group got the golden ticket.

This allowed me to pick what panel to go to at 11, since I had a few options. On my way I ran into a pair of Ellie and Joel (from The Last of Us) and ended up chatting with them for a good 30 minutes about our costumes, how we put together our different Ellie pieces and dealt with the hair and makeup.

I ended up going to a panel I knew next to nothing about but the title had me VERY curious: God Is Disappointed in You. According to the schedule it was about a book that presented the Bible in a humorous but still very matter-of-fact way. It also said the creators of the book would be presenting their fan favorite powerpoint presentation of the Bible in 10 Minutes, and I was way too curious to see how that played out.

The panel was super funny and very enjoyable. To summarize, the author wrote the book after having a drink at a bar with his friends who asked him to explain the story of Job to them. He told them essentially that God and Satan made a bet and threw everything at Job to try to win this chess match of theirs. He realized after that there could be a way to write the stories in the Bible to make them easier to digest and still get the story across. I had a blast, and ended up buying the book on the floor (aka the convention exhibit hall where all the booths for shopping and what not are) during the weekend.

Speaking of the floor, after the panel I had a little bit of time to waste before going to David Aja’s signing (the artist of the recent Fraction run of the Hawkeye comic), so I went downstairs to wander the floor a bit. I made a beeline to Jenny Parks‘ booth. She makes these awesome prints of different superheroes and characters but as CATS. And everyone who knows me knows I really, really, love CATS.



I’d already bought Cat Hawkeye and a black cat sitting inside the TARDIS door from her in the past, and my first stop is always seeing what else she’s made. I ended up getting a Cat Black Widow to join my Hawkeye plus Daenerys, CATLEESI MOTHER OF KITTENS. EVEN HER DRAGONS ARE CATS.

I also got this convention exclusive Bob’s Burgers comic cover at a booth, because I finally watched all of Bob’s Burgers this past year and I’m in love. The show is clever and funny and all the characters are great and the family loves each other and you should watch it. The cover has the family as little Funko pops and they’re all so cute and also, Funko, you should really get on that. I would totally but those Pops.


Only nit picky thing – why are Pop Linda’s glasses filled in white? Only Tina’s should be!

I raced back upstairs to the Sails Pavilion to get in line for Aja’s signing. I brought a few different issues of Hawkeye so I could decide in line which one I wanted signed. The signing took forever, but it turns out that was because Aja was being a total sweetie and trying to do sketches for as many people as he could. He insisted on staying so everyone could get something signed, so the line organizers had him stick to one signing per person and moved us to a different booth. I decided on getting the Pizza Dog issue signed (the entire issue is told from Clint’s dog’s point of view, with the color vision dogs have and everything, it’s amazing) and Aja still drew a little pizza! He was so nice.

After the signing I was planning on heading to Nerd HQ, but as I walked past the Masquerade signup desk, I remembered that’s sometimes where I can find Sarah G (I have to specify last initials each and every time I mention a Sarah because THERE’S SO MANY OF THEM). Sure enough she was there! WeIMG_9368 hugged excitedly and ended up wandering down to right outside Hall H to chit chat and wait for Diego, who had learned Hall H was walk-in-able (which is RARE). Sarah G ended up going to Hall H for the Con Man panel while Diego and I headed off to Nerd HQ to meet up with Sarah W and friends.

We finally had lunch (it’s like at least 3, if not 3:30 by now) with Sarah W, Riz, and Jenny. We got to chit chat with Zachary Levi for a few minutes, which was great as always. He’s one of the most genuine celebrities I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. When he asks you how your convention is going, you can tell he really wants to know and isn’t just being polite.

While hanging out we discovered Yvonne Strahovski was doing Smiles for Smiles. The way Smiles for Smiles works is you get in line, you give $20 as a donation to Operation Smile, and you get a picture with whichever celebrity it is. So Diego, Riz, and I hopped right in line to grab a picture with her. The one thing I thought (and definitely said out loud to her) was how TALL she is, which like duh, but dude, she’s really tall! I thanked her cause I’ve been hoping to meet her for four years at this convention, and she thought that was sweet.

Obviously I briefly changed out of my cosplay because DUDE LONG SLEEVES GETS WARM SO FAST

Who knows what I did after that, as I was too in shock. 😉 In all seriousness, we hung out some more, took some photobooth pictures, and eventually I headed back to the convention center for the Doctor Who cosplay meetup. There are always two big Doctor Who gatherings every year, and they happen at the same time. The first is on Thursday at 7 outside Ballroom 20, and the second is on Sunday at 1 or so in the Sails Pavilion after the Doctor Who panel. Well, SDCC threw it off a little this year since they moved the panel to Thursday afternoon, but it was decided not to change the cosplay meetup times because not everyone would get the information and know when and where to go. If we stuck with tradition, more people would show up.

It was a blast like always! Just like how at SDCC there’s just this sense of kinship, I feel the same with Doctor Who cosplayers. We’ve all worked to gather the pieces for our outfits and there’s that immediate bond.

Taken by Jean Martin on Facebook

Taken by Jean Martin on Facebook

I also got to take a picture with a Twelfth Doctor whose outfit was also one of the variations from the upcoming season. Yay for future Doctor and Clara!


After the meetup I definitely grabbed dinner and headed back to the hotel room. I was tired, my feet hurt, and I needed sleep so I could be up just as early for Friday, which was my busiest planned day! All in all it was a great first day, and I accomplished a few of the tasks I really wanted to for SDCC, which is all you can really ask for the first day.

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