SDCC 2015: Wednesday, aka I’m Home

It’s time for one long crazy a writeup for each individual day of San Diego Comic-Con! If I tried to write about everything that happened at San Diego Comic Con it would be one, never ending post even I would give up on. So instead I’ll break it down into each very special awesome day, starting simply with arriving on Wednesday!

I decided to fly into San Diego pretty early this year. Normally I arrive around 3 in the afternoon, but this year I arrived before noon! I got lucky – I was on the side of the plane that got the great view of downtown (and thus the convention center!) during landing, which filled me with joy and I probably squealed a little.


See those white tents right along the water? Sails Pavillion!!

I had fully expected to need to wait around the hotel until someone else arrived, but I learned that Justina was already checked into our hotel room! We discussed our individual plans/schedules and shared info like what goodies we were aiming to get. We decided to grab some sushi right across the street, which just so happened to be next door to where Conan was going to be filming for the next few nights. The next morning when I left for the con there was a HUGE line of people hoping to get tickets, I think.

Eventually I headed down to the convention center to hop on the shuttle that went to Town and Country, where I had to pick up my tickets. I met a girl named Kayla from Australia who was lovely and also loved TV. We tried to play the waiting game for getting our bags (so we could get a bag we preferred), but they were handing out the exact same bag at every station. I got lucky though, I ended up being able to trade to get The 100, what I really wanted.


Once I got back to the convention center, I briefly got in line for Hall H for the next day. I was confident in my plan to stay until they handed out wristbands (which guarantee your entry into Hall H for the first panel as long as you return by 7:30 in the morning) so I could see Doctor Who at 2:15 on Thursday, but I completely forgot about a signing I really wanted to go to that would interfere. Fortunately, Diego joined me in line (YAAAAAAAAY) and was planning on going to the drawing for the Doctor Who signing in the morning.

This plan made more sense. The drawing (theoretically) starts at 9, and by 10 you know whether or not you’re in. You draw a ticket, and if it has a smiley face or something unique, you get to go to the signing! If it doesn’t, you get back in line and try again (theoretically). So if I tried for the Doctor Who signing, I’d either get it (which yay!) or not get it (bummer!), but would allow me to go to other panels and the other signing I wanted.

So I ditched the line and headed over to the area across from Petco Park to meet up with Sarah W (also YAAAAAAY) and a bunch of other Nerd HQ people, many of whom I’d only briefly met before. I got to see Josh and Tico again, and meet some awesome people like Jake, Zack, and Riz.

The weather was amazing and the company was great and like always, there was just this overwhelming sense of belonging. There’s something about being at an event where every other person there unashamedly loves something, whether it’s a tv show or a comic or Star Wars. Chances are, every single person you meet likes something you do too. Waiting in lines with total strangers or hanging out in a big group like this where you only knew one or two people previously isn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds – it’s a world of possibilities. For all you know that person you just said hi to could be your next best friend! I mean, that’s how I met Sarah W, essentially. My time with my con friends are some of my most precious moments.

Eventually it started to rain lightly and Sarah and I retreated to our hotel room. It was time to get some sleep because Wednesday night at Comic Con is your best chance to get sleep, because after this it’s GO GO GO.

I’ll post my recap of Thursday as soon as I finish it, but there will certainly be more pictures in the future!

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