So it’s been a little over a month since I last posted anything here, which is absolutely not what I’d planned on doing. Unfortunately, that cold I had the weekend of the Sci-Fi Expo was especially stubborn and I was sick for the majority of February. Which is no fun. Fortunately, I’m finally over it now!

So I figured I’d just make a quick, this-is-what-I’ve-been-up-to post before I launch into anything more fun.

For the last month I’ve:

  • Been sick, like I said
  • Started making trips to Waco again for sports! Mostly baseball, but one or two basketball and softball games in there as well. This last weekend was especially rough, as I worked two normal baseball games, one softball game, and one rain-delay troubled baseball game that had me working 8 hours to end the weekend. Let’s just say I’m very tired of baseball right now.
  • Sadly fell off the running and learning Spanish bandwagon, thanks to feeling miserable all the time. Fortunately, my energy is back up and I’m preparing to wake up earlier and learn to run in the mornings. I will figure out this whole exercise thing!
  • I finally read The Fault In Our Stars and my life will forever be ruined by it. It was so good but HOLY COW DID I WEEP

I think that’s really all that’s new for me of consequence. Which is totally ok. Now, I will cuddle with my kitty some, before going to bed super early cause I’m tired.

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