Sci-Fi Expo 2014

I would’ve posted sometime in the last week, but I’ve had a pretty horrible cold since two Saturdays ago. I was super tired constantly with a horrible runny/snuffy/etc nose, and barely functioned throughout the whole week. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a cold going INTO a convention, but the third time I’ve had one during a convention (darn you con crud!).

I had some second thoughts about going the entire week, but KAREN GILLAN WAS GOING TO BE THERE. I kinda cosplay as her character all the time. Also, I’d already spent the $50, so ON TO DALLAS I WENT.

I tried to dye my hair myself with a box dye I’d bought over a year ago, but (shocker) it didn’t turn out all that well. It was my own fault really – I didn’t cover the hair properly, so certain areas turned out a lovely red and others were my normal boring brown. It was a little too uneven to just leave as it was, so I turned to my usual fixer upper place and set an appointment for Friday.

And boy did it turn out quite nicely! I asked her to mix in a little bit of brown with the red, since two years ago the red was just a little too much. It was much more apple red than Karen’s ginger color. For comparison, here are two mostly naturally lit pictures of my hair, one from San Diego Comic-Con 2012 and one from this past Saturday.


Anyway, this looks much more natural on me, which is great. Also, Ashley (my hair stylist) said she used semi-permanent dye, since I told her I wasn’t looking to keep this up constantly. So hopefully it’ll fade more naturally this time. While I enjoyed my gradually more and more ombre hair color, it was getting fairly old.

I took way less pictures this con than normal because I spent practically 90% of it in lines. Specifically, one line – to buy a photo op with Karen on Saturday. You see, Karen was only there Saturday, which meant that everyone like me only had those few precious hours to get whatever we wanted with her. I decided weeks ago that taking a picture with her was more important than getting an autograph, so when I saw the lines for buying pictures was long, I got started on that early.

I SPENT AT LEAST 2.5 HOURS IN THAT LINE. Yes, compared to SDCC, that’s nothing, but this was just a line to buy the ticket for taking the picture. Then you had to wait in line yet again to take the picture. There were only three people at the front of the lines selling the pictures the majority of the time, and it seemed like it took at least 3 minutes to sell one ticket. That means that on average only 9 people were buying photo op tickets every 10 minutes. There were HUNDREDS of people in one line buying tickets for ALL of the photo ops. There are a million ways they could’ve made this line move faster/more efficiently, but I’ll save that for an e-mail I may or may not send to the convention. It was just incredibly exhausting and ridiculous standing there for forever, but naturally, I made a few line friends.

About halfway through waiting in that line I also spotted Nikki walk by! She’s a friend of a friend who I was supposed to meet at SDCC 2012, but it just never came to happen. I did that awkward “HI I KNOW YOU DON’T FREAK OUT” calling out to her, and we chatted/line complained for a short bit.

photo 3

After finally successfully purchasing our photo op tickets, my new line friend Haley and I went upstairs to meet back up with my friends to just hang out in the autograph line for Karen, since she was just about to start signing again. They had capped the line, but I was able to sneak Nikki & her friend Chris in with us. The line moved super quick because they weren’t allowing personalization on the autographs and practically zero conversation with Karen because of how in demand she was. Which is why they should realize in the future that for big names like her (and Stephen Amell) you really need to make sure they can be at the convention both days. It causes less stress, less lines, and less chaos.

Anyway, Elise was getting more than one thing signed and let me hand one of those things to Karen. She looked up at me and very excitedly said, “Oh my gosh I love your outfit!” I’m fairly confident I grinned and said something to the effect of, “thank you so much!” but I’m not 100% sure, because I turned around and was pretty much just like this:

surprised baby

So then Haley & I figured we might as well go wait for out photo op, so we went back to the dreaded third floor and got to sit on the ground for a bit in two different rooms as people slowly began to queue. They brought us into the photo op room right as Sylvester McCoy was leaving, who grinned at all of us cause he knew we were all Doctor Who fans. He’s way too cute. Shortly Karen walked in, was totally embarrassed by all our cheering, and the photo op line started moving FAST. Which was incredibly ironic after how long it took to buy the photo op.

Once again, we were pretty much discouraged from making too much conversation, but Karen again was so sweet and trying to be friendly with everyone. She asked how I was doing, which again, I think my brain died because I’m sure I said something like “I’m good how are you,” but all I can really remember is mentally going “um she just asked me how I was doing.” I swear, I’m not usually this bad when I meet celebrities. I managed to calm my face down enough to smile naturally as opposed to my manic excited grin that happens in these situations (see the above picture with Nikki) and they snapped the picture.

I turned to say thanks, and she grinned and then gasped and said “oh my god you have the necklace and everything!” At this point, I’m surprised I didn’t drop dead from the fact that she even would notice that. I have no idea what I said except to run away and let the line move on because that was basically what we were encouraged to do. I’m mentally hitting myself for that, but I definitely freeze up in moments like this. Basically, all in all, she was incredibly sweet and trying so hard to do her best considering how many people were seeing her in one day. Again, BOOK PEOPLE LIKE HER FOR TWO DAYS, one day just isn’t enough.

I had to wait until the next morning to pick up my photo, but it turned out SO UNBELIEVABLY NICE. This is a iPhone photo of said photo, but still, LOOK HOW NICE IT LOOKS!

photo 5

I couldn’t really be happier with it, so success all around! Oh, and since I can see the book, the night before the convention I printed out the cover of the book from the episode and hunted for the right size book on the bookshelf to wrap it around. It turned out quite nicely! I made sure to hold it for our picture, just because I like it when I have the props that go with the outfit. I thought about getting a giant fake sunflower for my outfit Sunday, but just completely forgot to.

Sunday I decided to wear Amy’s Vincent and the Doctor outfit. I purposely decided to wear two outfits I hadn’t worn previously at conventions to break myself from the continuing pattern of consistently wearing the same two (Pandorica Opens/Big Bang and Impossible Astronaut). So even though it was cold, I donned a miniskirt and boots and it was actually rather lovely!

Kind of cruddy quality, but I love this outfit!

Other than the fact that my miniskirt is now just a little TOO tight on me, this outfit is rather comfortable! I’m SO thrilled it felt just a little bit warmer on Sunday, plus the line to get in the building didn’t take as long, so I was only waiting outside with bare legs for a short bit. Sunday was much more of a just-relax-and-wander-the-con day. We watched Karl Urban’s panel, which was a highlight, and waited in line for his autograph. He was so genuinely excited to be there and meet people, which is always a joy. I hunted down the artist who made this lovely Amy print I’d seen the entire day before, but of course they were sold out of it. I’m hoping it pops up online in his shop, because I really wanted one of those.

All in all, this convention really proved to me yet again that nothing can really beat San Diego Comic-Con in terms of organization, friendliness, opportunities, etc, yet I still can’t help but want to go to these things because waiting a whole year for SDCC with nothing in between is kind of painful. Which means I’ve got to figure out real soon whether or not that’s going to happen.

Other little things: Stephen Amell is even prettier in person, and also very nice. I told him he had to do Nerd HQ this summer. Pretty sure I saw the Professor from the University here who dresses every day as the Eleventh Doctor while in line for pictures. And this cosplaying family way adorable:

photo 2

I had a hard time falling asleep Sunday night, because of course now my brain is racing through all the things I want to do while my hair is still red enough. It means I’ll probably be taking a bunch of pictures in a bunch of Amy outfits over the next few days. So that will be fun!

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