Our Date-iversary

This last weekend marked 10 years since Jason first asked me out. It was halfway through my freshman year of high school. We’d been dancing around becoming “official” for days, and Jason just got tired of waiting. Best part about it is he asked me out on AIM – you know, AOL Instant Messenger. That obsolete thing? Yes, we are that cool.

Anyway, we decided before getting married that we weren’t going to completely stop celebrating the day we started dating in favor of our wedding day. That would be 9.5 years left uncelebrated! So while we’ll happily celebrate being married One Year this upcoming May, this weekend we celebrated One Decade together overall. Which is CRAZY!!!

We didn’t really have anything super special planned out in advance. Basically, we looked at each other midway through last week and said, “what should we do?” So Jason asked the general Facebook population for advice on things to do in the Dallas area, and we settled on a pretty simple itinerary: visiting the Dallas Museum of Art and geocaching in the nearby area.

Since Dallas is only a little over an hour drive away, we didn’t feel bad keeping our list to just one major place. Especially since we also had errands we needed to take care of in Rockwall on the way, like getting Jason a well needed haircut and picking up more cat food for Andy.


We had both of those things done by noon, including lunch at Five Guys, and made it to the DMA by 12:30 or so. We mostly wandered at first, giggled at some modern art (neither of us are huge fans), got confused by the layout of the museum. I was disappointed when, after a museum worker told us there was a Van Gogh in the Reves Collection, we were unable to find said Van Gogh upon finally stumbling our way in there. Pretty sure it was off somewhere being fixed. Sad day.


We also walked a few blocks and grabbed two geocaches (if you don’t know what geocaching is, you should check out their website). One was at the church across the street. It was a very easy puzzle to figure out, and it turned out to be a travel bug hotel! These are little figurines you can register on the website and people move them from cache to cache, and you can see how far they travel! One was a lion that had come from Germany, was trying to go to South Africa, and then go back to Germany! Crazy! We grabbed one to pass off to the Rogers, since Carter loves travel bugs.


The last thing we did before leaving the area was explore this park that’s right outside the museum and is LITERALLY ON TOP OF THE FREEWAY. The freeway tunnels under Klyde Warren Park, and if you look in both directions, you can see the cars entering and exiting the tunnels. It’s pretty cool/intense. Nearly a dozen food trucks lined the sides of the park, and there were people EVERYWHERE. There’s a geocache under the play gym, but it was definitely way too crowded to attempt to grab it.


We headed back to Rockwall and had an early dinner at Edo Japan, a sushi/hibachi place. We ordered 5 different types of sushi and ate ALL OF IT. Which is nuts. But it was also really good. I wish we’d taken a picture of the platter, but we always forget to because we’re SO HUNGRY by the time it arrives. I was brave and tried the dragon roll, which has eel on the top. EEL. But I actually think I loved it even more than the California roll. As Jason joked, I’ve graduated to the next level of sushi eating!

After that we spontaneously went to the Winery in Greenville in the town over from ours and did another quick wine tasting. I still like the sweet wines best, and weirdly liked one of the white ones more. Then we went back home and spent the rest of the night relaxing like the homebodies we are.

All in all, it was a very nice weekend. We spent the actual day of being super lazy and just enjoying our time together. I think Jason even finished rereading Lord of the Rings. We’d originally planned to go geocaching this weekend near the Dallas area as well, but apparently there’s rain in the forecast so we might have to stay home. If so, I get the feeling I’ll drag Jason into tackling the reorganization of our bookshelves and – FINALLY – setting up our binder filing system we’ve been talking about for months. We’ll see though!

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