My Current Goals

It’s always been easier for me to keep up with my general goals if I have them written down, staring me in the face going “don’t forget me! Or slack off just because you feel like it! I MUST BE DONE!” So here are the things I’m currently trying to focus on:

Long term:

  • Exercise! Run at least three times a week. Do some general weight training/exercises on the days in between. I DON’T CARE THAT YOU HATE EXERCISE YOU’RE IN HORRIBLE SHAPE DO IT. Long term goal is to run at least one 5k, hopefully more than one and possibly a 10k by the end of the year. Right now that sounds insane to me, but hey, you go big or you go home.
  • Learn Spanish, and relearn French. I took Latin in high school because it was easier than learning any of the other actual spoken languages. At Baylor I took French because taking Spanish was notoriously difficult. I’ve reached that point where I hate that I don’t even know enough Spanish to have a partial conversation. I live in Texas, for goodness sake. Right now I’m using the app Duolingo a little bit every day, and I’ll go from there. I can say things like “Yo no como queso” now! Baby steps, but those are better than nothing. I’m also going to work on strengthening the French I know, because I did really like the language and I don’t want to lose everything I learned.
  • Work on some artwork/crafty stuff. That might seem somewhat vague, but it needs to be. I like being an artsy person. Looking around this room, I made the wreath on the door, the TARDIS landscape art above the TV, painted the painting next to the window (at a place that teaches you how to paint it, but still), and made the curtains hanging around said window. I LOVE MAKING THINGS. And I haven’t made anything in awhile. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas recently though, and I just really need to jump on that. So maybe a realistic goal is to make one thing per month? That might sound like a little, but some projects take a long time. The curtains and the wreath were fairly quick, but the TARDIS art took at least a few weeks on and off. Plus, putting a time limit on art isn’t always a great idea.
  • Find a job. If this town will let me. My optimism on this one changes daily.

Short term:

  • Read “The Fault In Our Stars.” First, purchase it, but finally, read it. I’ve been meaning to for awhile, might as well get around to it!
  • Rearrange the bookshelves in our apartment. We are definitely not using them to the best of our ability, and after rearranging the spare closet, our spice drawer, and DVD drawers didn’t make it obvious enough, MAKING THEM BETTER ORGANIZED WILL MAKE YOU VERY HAPPY.
  • Get an oil change and buy new windshield wipers, you lazy person.
  • Make final decisions about what outfits to bring to the Sci-Fi Expo next weekend. Also what to have Karen Gillan (ahhhhh) sign. And whether to take a picture with Stephen Amell or not. SO EXCITED AHH

I’m sure there are more things I’m missing, but I can always add them later, which is why I’m adding a page to the top so I can always link to these and cross things off as I go. Obviously, long term goals won’t be crossed off anytime soon, but that’s ok!

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