To New Beginnings

This past year, a lot of big things happened in my life. I finally moved away from Waco (what I’d grown to consider my home after spending 3.5 years of college there followed by 2.5 years of working), got married to my husband Jason (we’ve been together since 2004), honeymooned in the UK, was a bridesmaid in a friends wedding, went on a whirlwind last minute trip to San Diego Comic-Con, and then kinda have had nothing to do with myself since.

Sure, I’ve been traveling back and forth to Waco working, but it’s not exactly a full time job. I spend most of my days in our tiny little town wandering around the internet, cuddling with my cat, following our relentless (but very good for us) cleaning schedule, and wondering whether I could actually find a job if we were to move somewhere else.

You see, the options for someone like me, with a Film and Digital Media degree, are fairly limited in our little town of 8,000 or so people. Just about every job that is available here in town requires years of experience in that specific field, even though it’s just secretarial work. I’m starting to lose hope that I’ll be able to get a fairly decent job, let alone just a regular retail job (which I’d like to avoid doing until it’s obvious there’s no other choice).

But here’s my concern: like most post-college students, I’m questioning anything and everything I’ve ever done. Do I love the work I’m still somewhat doing? Yes, endlessly. If I were able to do it all the time, I would. But sometimes it seems like the world is against you and the opportunities aren’t there. Especially when the few glorious opportunities turn you down, repeatedly.

We’ve talked about moving somewhere else, somewhere with tons more opportunities, but then we’re also very aware that we have it really well right now. We don’t pay for housing, cable, electricity, water, etc. It allows us to put most of Jason’s earnings into savings, which is an incredibly new thing for me. So we’ve made the decision to stay here for another year, through May of 2015, which is the financially smart thing to do.

It also means less job opportunities for the current future. It means less trips home, both to Houston and Waco. It means less time visiting with friends, less adventuring (we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere), less flexibility in our schedules. But that doesn’t mean it has to be less developing of me.

That was a horrible sentence. The point is, I’m tired of sitting here feeling sorry that I can’t find a decent job here. That doesn’t mean I can’t find ways to improve my life, make myself a better person, potentially create those opportunities for myself.

The point is I decided to start a blog, not because it’s the thing to do, but because I feel like it will help keep me accountable. To others, to my goals, to myself. I’m planning to use this blog for a number of things: general updates about what Jason & I have been up to (for my family and friends, who I don’t get to see as often), progress in the goals I’ve set for myself (running, learning languages, making art, etc), and as always, my thoughts about television and cats.

I can’t promise I’ll stay on topic, or be super interesting all the time. But I can promise it’ll be 100% me, just trying to figure out what my life is all about.

As always, expect a lot of cat pictures. I really love my cat. And Parks and Recreation quotes worked in wherever possible.

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