SDCC 2015: Wednesday, aka I’m Home

It’s time for one long crazy a writeup for each individual day of San Diego Comic-Con! If I tried to write about everything that happened at San Diego Comic Con it would be one, never ending post even I would give up on. So instead I’ll break it down into each very special awesome day, starting simply with arriving on Wednesday!

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Tennessee 2015

Welp, there I went ignoring this blog. I’ll do my best not to again, but let’s not waste time! I’d love to do a convention roundup post, but that’ll need to wait some time, because our new (and by new I mean now 6 months old) computer doesn’t have all of my pictures on it yet. So you can look forward to that in the future!

Until then, for a post I do have pictures on the computer – our trip to Tennessee this year! This post will be picture heavy, so be prepared. 🙂

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As most of you know by now, Jason & I will be moving back to Waco, TX the first week of June 2014. Here’s the story about how this came about.

Back in February, Jason and a few of his coworkers were at a Student Affairs conference in Fort Worth. He got into a conversation with someone in the residence life department at Baylor and realized that even though we’d originally decided to stay another year here in Commerce, that it would be easy to at least keep our eyes open to any job opportunities that might present themselves. Most of those opportunities we looked at at first weren’t going to be possible because a lot of universities don’t allow their hall directors to have cats, and there’s no way we’re giving up Andy. So while a few positions looked interesting, we didn’t apply for any.

Sometime mid-March, Baylor posted an Academic Advisor position. Jason had worked in academic advising during grad school, and had decided never to do it again unless he could work with a variety of students (he had primarily worked with probationary students, which is much more difficult) and advise in topics he enjoyed, like english and psychology, his undergrad studies. This Baylor position was in the College of Arts and Sciences, which houses both of his undergrads (and many more, including my own), and would definitely include all ranges of students. Within two days, Jason had submitted his application and we started playing the waiting game.

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So it’s been a little over a month since I last posted anything here, which is absolutely not what I’d planned on doing. Unfortunately, that cold I had the weekend of the Sci-Fi Expo was especially stubborn and I was sick for the majority of February. Which is no fun. Fortunately, I’m finally over it now!

So I figured I’d just make a quick, this-is-what-I’ve-been-up-to post before I launch into anything more fun.

For the last month I’ve:

  • Been sick, like I said
  • Started making trips to Waco again for sports! Mostly baseball, but one or two basketball and softball games in there as well. This last weekend was especially rough, as I worked two normal baseball games, one softball game, and one rain-delay troubled baseball game that had me working 8 hours to end the weekend. Let’s just say I’m very tired of baseball right now.
  • Sadly fell off the running and learning Spanish bandwagon, thanks to feeling miserable all the time. Fortunately, my energy is back up and I’m preparing to wake up earlier and learn to run in the mornings. I will figure out this whole exercise thing!
  • I finally read The Fault In Our Stars and my life will forever be ruined by it. It was so good but HOLY COW DID I WEEP

I think that’s really all that’s new for me of consequence. Which is totally ok. Now, I will cuddle with my kitty some, before going to bed super early cause I’m tired.

Sci-Fi Expo 2014

I would’ve posted sometime in the last week, but I’ve had a pretty horrible cold since two Saturdays ago. I was super tired constantly with a horrible runny/snuffy/etc nose, and barely functioned throughout the whole week. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a cold going INTO a convention, but the third time I’ve had one during a convention (darn you con crud!).

I had some second thoughts about going the entire week, but KAREN GILLAN WAS GOING TO BE THERE. I kinda cosplay as her character all the time. Also, I’d already spent the $50, so ON TO DALLAS I WENT.

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Our Date-iversary

This last weekend marked 10 years since Jason first asked me out. It was halfway through my freshman year of high school. We’d been dancing around becoming “official” for days, and Jason just got tired of waiting. Best part about it is he asked me out on AIM – you know, AOL Instant Messenger. That obsolete thing? Yes, we are that cool.

Anyway, we decided before getting married that we weren’t going to completely stop celebrating the day we started dating in favor of our wedding day. That would be 9.5 years left uncelebrated! So while we’ll happily celebrate being married One Year this upcoming May, this weekend we celebrated One Decade together overall. Which is CRAZY!!!

We didn’t really have anything super special planned out in advance. Basically, we looked at each other midway through last week and said, “what should we do?” So Jason asked the general Facebook population for advice on things to do in the Dallas area, and we settled on a pretty simple itinerary: visiting the Dallas Museum of Art and geocaching in the nearby area.

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My Current Goals

It’s always been easier for me to keep up with my general goals if I have them written down, staring me in the face going “don’t forget me! Or slack off just because you feel like it! I MUST BE DONE!” So here are the things I’m currently trying to focus on:

Long term:

  • Exercise! Run at least three times a week. Do some general weight training/exercises on the days in between. I DON’T CARE THAT YOU HATE EXERCISE YOU’RE IN HORRIBLE SHAPE DO IT. Long term goal is to run at least one 5k, hopefully more than one and possibly a 10k by the end of the year. Right now that sounds insane to me, but hey, you go big or you go home.
  • Learn Spanish, and relearn French. I took Latin in high school because it was easier than learning any of the other actual spoken languages. At Baylor I took French because taking Spanish was notoriously difficult. I’ve reached that point where I hate that I don’t even know enough Spanish to have a partial conversation. I live in Texas, for goodness sake. Right now I’m using the app Duolingo a little bit every day, and I’ll go from there. I can say things like “Yo no como queso” now! Baby steps, but those are better than nothing. I’m also going to work on strengthening the French I know, because I did really like the language and I don’t want to lose everything I learned.
  • Work on some artwork/crafty stuff. That might seem somewhat vague, but it needs to be. I like being an artsy person. Looking around this room, I made the wreath on the door, the TARDIS landscape art above the TV, painted the painting next to the window (at a place that teaches you how to paint it, but still), and made the curtains hanging around said window. I LOVE MAKING THINGS. And I haven’t made anything in awhile. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas recently though, and I just really need to jump on that. So maybe a realistic goal is to make one thing per month? That might sound like a little, but some projects take a long time. The curtains and the wreath were fairly quick, but the TARDIS art took at least a few weeks on and off. Plus, putting a time limit on art isn’t always a great idea.
  • Find a job. If this town will let me. My optimism on this one changes daily.

Short term:

  • Read “The Fault In Our Stars.” First, purchase it, but finally, read it. I’ve been meaning to for awhile, might as well get around to it!
  • Rearrange the bookshelves in our apartment. We are definitely not using them to the best of our ability, and after rearranging the spare closet, our spice drawer, and DVD drawers didn’t make it obvious enough, MAKING THEM BETTER ORGANIZED WILL MAKE YOU VERY HAPPY.
  • Get an oil change and buy new windshield wipers, you lazy person.
  • Make final decisions about what outfits to bring to the Sci-Fi Expo next weekend. Also what to have Karen Gillan (ahhhhh) sign. And whether to take a picture with Stephen Amell or not. SO EXCITED AHH

I’m sure there are more things I’m missing, but I can always add them later, which is why I’m adding a page to the top so I can always link to these and cross things off as I go. Obviously, long term goals won’t be crossed off anytime soon, but that’s ok!

To New Beginnings

This past year, a lot of big things happened in my life. I finally moved away from Waco (what I’d grown to consider my home after spending 3.5 years of college there followed by 2.5 years of working), got married to my husband Jason (we’ve been together since 2004), honeymooned in the UK, was a bridesmaid in a friends wedding, went on a whirlwind last minute trip to San Diego Comic-Con, and then kinda have had nothing to do with myself since.

Sure, I’ve been traveling back and forth to Waco working, but it’s not exactly a full time job. I spend most of my days in our tiny little town wandering around the internet, cuddling with my cat, following our relentless (but very good for us) cleaning schedule, and wondering whether I could actually find a job if we were to move somewhere else.

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