Celebrating My Accomplishments

One of the first lessons I learned in counseling was how to celebrate my accomplishments, regardless of how small or insignificant. My depression killed my motivation to do nearly anything. Sitting down to watch tv episodes was a chore in and of itself, and I LOVE watching tv. Thus, doing anything like making myself a sandwich, […]

If I Were To Get a Tattoo

I never really thought I would ever want a tattoo growing up. I’ve never been against tattoos, I’m just indecisive. I like to change my clothes style often enough that it’s hard to imagine getting a tattoo I was happy with forever. It’s very serious to me, marking your body with ink that will never […]

On My Depression

While my family and I were in Tennessee I decided to finally tackle writing about my depression. I’m going to post what I wrote on July 1 largely unedited. Since is was written while I was actively feeling off, or feeling “depressed,” it’ll be a little more accurate to how I feel rather than if I […]

SDCC 2015: Saturday, aka How I Accidentally Dissed Scott Porter

Saturday is where things get a little fuzzy for me because after my miraculous day Friday, I decided to basically do whatever I wanted Saturday and not worry about sticking to a schedule. So Saturday I SLEPT IN A LITTLE. By that I mean til maybe around 8:30? Which still is great after two straight […]