My 10 Favorite Pictures of My Precious Kitty

So as most everyone who meets me knows, I love cats. A lot. It will be mentioned multiple times in a single conversation typically. You know how people say they don’t trust you if you don’t like dogs? Yeah, that’s me and cats. Now if you’re allergic you get a free pass. But if you think you don’t like cats, you should really meet my cat Andy!

Andy is fairly dog like in his personality. He LOVES people. If someone knocks on the door, he takes off running to see who it is. He will smell your feet and rub against your legs. He loves head rubs and back rubs and I’m slowly teaching him to like belly rubs (SLOWLY emphasis on slowly). Besides playing with his feather toy, chasing lights on the walls, and eating treats, his favorite activity is cuddling. If both Jason and I have been gone all day, or all weekend, the next day Andy will insist on cuddling for hours because he missed us.

Basically I love my cat and spend a good amount of time trying to take good pictures of him. It can be hard cause you need some really good light. But in the four years I’ve had my baby, I’ve gotten some super stinking cute pictures. It’s hard to narrow it down to ten favorites, but here we go.

10. 11296799_1575980736022772_202019280_n

I love this picture because he was actively falling off my lap and the couch. It is so funny watching Andy realize he’s in trouble and being entirely unsure how to stop it.

9. 10818112_308974452633908_228843879_n

Andy loves cuddling so much. While cuddling he has a tendency to reach out with his paw to get even more contact with us. This results in him hugging me, which makes me MELT IN ADORABLENESS AHHH. It’s especially cute when he does this with my hands.

8. 11236250_429134553913697_1925103431_n


7. IMG_7684

Andy enjoys taking part in game night. He takes it very seriously.

6. IMG_8604

The lighting in this picture makes me so happy. And the colors. And him.

5. 1598765_261689157329764_47925425_n

Why noooo, I’m not laying like this because I want to play with your feet, whatever would give you that idea?

4. IMG_6099 copy

He’s so precious when he sleeps. Which is all the time, cause he’s a cat.

3. 11280513_1592586074352884_1187560289_n

Why are you taking pictures of me I’m trying to sleep.

2. IMG_8495


1. IMG_7886

The greatest picture that has and ever will be taken of the three of us. In all seriousness this may be our Christmas card this year.

And as a bonus, here are some of my favorite pictures of my family’s cat Merry. He was my first baby and I’ll always love him even if he’s a grumpy grouch. 😉


The most recent picture I’ve taken of Merry. He’s so gorgeous.

IMG_4694 copy

Christmas Merry


Merry ADORES belly rubs. It’s one of the few things I’m good for to him. And man will I give him a belly rub each and every time he asks because he purrs and looks so happy.


He’s always been very photogenic.


Love you, you crazy 13 year old grump.

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