SDCC 2015: Saturday, aka How I Accidentally Dissed Scott Porter

Saturday is where things get a little fuzzy for me because after my miraculous day Friday, I decided to basically do whatever I wanted Saturday and not worry about sticking to a schedule. So Saturday I SLEPT IN A LITTLE.

By that I mean til maybe around 8:30? Which still is great after two straight days of waking up before 6. Sarah W and I planned on going to a semi-secret Agent Carter “flash mob” that was happening at about 10:45 am outside the floor at Hall C. There were rumors Hayley Atwell (who of course plays Peggy Carter) was going to be involved in some fashion, so Sarah, who of course cosplays as Peggy, HAD to go! I decided to go with her, because it was “wing it Saturday” so why not.


Later in the day with Sarah W as twin sestra Helena!

I got dressed as Sarah Manning from Orphan Black which is easily the bravest, least like-me cosplay I’ve ever taken on. Sure, Amy Pond is a lot of miniskirts, but the iconic Sarah outfit is short shorts, crazy tights, super punk with a top that kinda shows off the “bra” (thank goodness the Hot Topic version isn’t actually a bra and can thus go OVER my actual bra). I’m not one to judge other people for what they choose to wear – power to you – but it’s a style of clothes I personally am uncomfortable wearing because it’s not my style. But like all cosplay, you put it on, and there’s some kind of confidence gained from wearing an outfit (and personality) not your own. It was also the first time I ever attempted an actual smokey eye look, which I asked Sarah for advice on because suddenly I had no clue how to do that. All in all it turned out awesome! I’d like to get more accurate tights in the future and a wig with her dyed streak for sure.

Sarah W and I grabbed breakfast at Panera and headed to the convention center to wait. It’s always fun watching these types of meetups because the first few people there always hover awkwardly, clearly thinking, “am I in the right place? Should I just stand here, or is that gonna be weird?” You can literally see the relief on their faces when they spot other people dressed up.

IMG_9154Slowly but surely a good amount of Peggy’s appeared, and some of the writers from the show organized the group. Some pictures were taken before the group was led inside the exhibit hall to the Marvel booth, where the Agent Carter signing was actively happening. Once the signing was over, the booth had all the Peggy’s join Hayley on stage for a huge picture and a quick costume contest. Hayley was forced to choose two cosplayers to win, and they got a signed poster and maybe something else? Either was she was so impressed by everyone!

After that, Sarah and I parted ways to head opposite directions on the floor. I finally did my fairly conclusive sweep of the entire floor, which takes a loooooong time. I’m sure I still missed tons and tons of goodies, but I felt pretty good about my haul. Some of the things I got include a cute small cat postcard, a copy of the God is Disappointed in You book from Thursday’s first panel, and these UBER CUTE DIGIMON KEYCHAIIINSS. I had a brief “I thought I lost my keychain and then I found it again when I got home” freakout later this afternoon, but it all worked out in the end!


I found those keychains by Finni Chang on Artist Alley, an area of the floor I’d actually never really dedicated myself to wander before, primarily because I would love to buy custom art, but that can be hella expensive. I grabbed a bunch of business cards for different artists though, especially for Katie Cook, who was doing these awesome little watercolor drawings that were SO CUTE. Her line was constantly capped because those little drawings were super popular. I tried coming back multiple times over the nexIMG_9159t day and a half and never managed to get a custom one (of my cat, and of Clarke/possibly Lexa from The 100), but you can order one from her website right here! I did buy one of her premade drawings of Toothless because yes.

After I finished my floor walkthrough I met up with Sarah G, who was going to try and braid my hair more Sarah Manning-esque. Of course my hair was super clean and didn’t want to cooperate, but it was fun to relax and chat and the outcome still looked pretty cool! Diego joined us, and I think our plan was to go to Nerd HQ or somewhere else, but this is when I misplaced my keychain in a hidden pocket of my backpack I never look in, so I ended up going back to the hotel room for a bit to be sad about it.


Look at the haiiir!

After a bit Sarah W asked if I wanted to grab a late lunch (all meals are late at SDCC), so I walked over to this really good restaurant Dragon’s Den near Petco Park and had the best sushi ever with Sarah, Tico, Zack, and Jake. Sarah W had switched into her Helena cosplay so we were finally sestras like we’ve planned for ages (even though I was gonna do Alison originally and still will haha).

Sarah and I relaxed at the hotel room for a bit, planning to gradually, lazily prepare for the night’s Nerd HQ party. I got ready fairly quickly and was just laying there when all of a sudden Sarah goes, “Um, Retta, Yvette, and Scott Porter are doing Smiles for Smiles right now. Gah, you probably won’t make it though” I’d said multiple times coming into this convention that I was NOT going to miss Retta doing Smiles for Smiles once again, as I’ve missed her doing it twice now.

Within two minutes I was out that door with my shoes on, purse semi-ready to go (I believe I forgot my external charger for the 600th time that weekend), and ready to half-run half-walk to the Children’s Museum. I don’t know how long it took me to get there, since I was relying on my Maps app to wing the route, but I arrived, sweatier than I’d like in more than enough time. I was super excited.

Now, I’ve seen all of Parks and Recreation (multiple times) and Community and love both dearly. On the other hand, I’m only partway through season 2 of Friday Night Lights. So it’s not like I don’t like Scott Porter. In fact, if I’d had a few minutes, I would’ve loved to talk to him about how important I felt his role and performance of a disability was, especially on a sports related show. Unfortunately, we don’t have that sort of time.

So when it came time for the picture, I grinned at him and said hi, but also ran to Retta and Yvette saying “Can I be between two of my favorite ladies?” They grinned and I’m quite sure Yvette said something really sweet and we took the picture and I rambled quickly to them how much I love both their shows and that PARKS IS THE BEST AND DONNA IS THE BEST. I raced away, semi-embarrassed as always, to pick up my picture

to find out of course that Scott Porter took a drink during the picture because I ignored him! Hahahahahahaha


I love it. First of all, these pictures happen so quickly, so they don’t really have time to grab a drink between pictures. Good for him to take that opportunity. I thought it was hilarious. And then later Yvette found my tweet of the picture (I didn’t even tag her!!) and told me that some people had ignored them for Scott, so yay I balanced it out some. 😉 Getting a picture with these lovely ladies (and this wonderful actor who now thinks I don’t care about him oops) was certainly the highIMG_9190light for Saturday!

I stuck around at Nerd HQ for the Nerd Party. It was ok. Everyone who is friends with me knows I’m not much of a partier. However, the greatest part about it was getting to commandeer our own, slightly quieter corner of the patio and just hang out with our group of friends. We had to fight off some drunk douche-y guys from San Diego who were clearly there to party, not because they were nerds, so that kinda sucked, but it was also good camaraderie for our group taking turns trying to hint we just didn’t care about them.

This is where Brandon (the guy I briefly BRIEFLY met the night before) and I learned that we should be friends. Plus he and Riz have a nearly identical story of circumstances as to how they met as Diego and I do! Diego and I met on Twitter in 2008, I convinced him to come to San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, I helped get his family Nerd HQ tickets before we’d actually met in person, and THEN we met in person on the floor. We had the awkward minute of “well this is weird seeing you here now we have to communicate in more than 140 characters how do we say hi?” before realizing we knew each other, what were we doing, let’s go do what we wanted to do! Meanwhile Brandon helped Riz buy his SDCC tickets and they roomed together their first year even though they hadn’t met in person! Basically these people are the best and I’m so glad to have met them.

This is what happens when Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone comes on in the middle of taking photobooth pictures. We got some normal ones too, I just love this picture.

Eventually Sarah W and I got tired, so Diego walked back to the hotel room with us. This is where we very nearly got to take a picture with Chris Hardwick. We were walking past the venue he did his two Nerdist shows at and was still finishing up talking to everyone who stayed after. We hovered, hoping after he finished them we could get a few words, but he ended up needing to leave before he could even get pictures with everyone who was at that second show. Bummer. But not the end of the world!

And that was my Saturday! All in all a good day (I MET RETTA YEAH), but of course, it’s also the last super full day of the event. Well, traditionally. Sunday ended up being way more full than usual and it was beautiful and wonderful so yay!

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