Tennessee 2015

Welp, there I went ignoring this blog. I’ll do my best not to again, but let’s not waste time! I’d love to do a convention roundup post, but that’ll need to wait some time, because our new (and by new I mean now 6 months old) computer doesn’t have all of my pictures on it yet. So you can look forward to that in the future!

Until then, for a post I do have pictures on the computer – our trip to Tennessee this year! This post will be picture heavy, so be prepared. 🙂

My one living grandparent (my Grandaddy) lives in Bristol, TN, which is an absolutely gorgeous place. The last time I was in Bristol was for Nana’s funeral in 2011, but Jason hasn’t been since his first trip in 2007 as the long-term-boyfriend-who-is-probably-sticking-around. Now he’s the husband, so after 8 years it was about time!

The six of us (Mom, Dad, Jason, Sarah, Sarah’s boyfriend Andres, and me) packed up in the family’s 20 year old suburban (it’s almost legal to drink!) and drove the two day trip to Tennessee. Andres crossed a few new state boundaries, including Tennessee and Virginia.


We started off Monday walking around a nearby park and taking some great pictures. DSC_0024

We visited Nana’s grave as well, which was rough on me. That night Dad, Grandaddy, and Sarah played a few songs at a weekly music event that Dad and Grandaddy like going to. Three generations of Morrell’s all very musical!


One of the ladies in charge was nice enough to take a picture of all of us before we left.


Tuesday Jason, Sarah, Andres & I made a campfire to roast some s’mores at the chalet!


Wednesday was Dad’s birthday, and he chose to play Putt-Putt! We found out that even without years of practice Dad is incredible at it. He did so well the guys working the place asked if he was interested in an amateur tournament coming up. We joked Dad just wanted to do this on his birthday to show off, but we loved how crazy good he was! We had a lovely dinner and cake for dinner, plus Jenny and Andrew arrived for the rest of the weekend.


Dad making an incredible hole in one. Our faces are insanely shocked.

Thursday we explored downtown. There were a ton of cool antique shops, one of which was super huge. We got some fudge and found a Dulcimer ornament for Dad’s birthday. There was also this super cool sign (on the Virginia side of Bristol of course) that we just couldn’t resist taking a picture with.

IMG_8834We also went through Nana’s old jewelry. I really wanted something of hers to remember her by, and I found this really pretty, simple pearl necklace. I ended up coming home with multiple pieces, including a charm with a heart that says Nana (which will be awesome once I get a chain for it), but the pearl necklace is the most versatile piece. It’s also really special to me because I also have a pearl necklace from Grandma, my mom’s mom.

Friday we made the unwise decision to go hiking in a park in a mountain even though the chance of rain was essentially 100%. We discovered what it was like to drive through a cloud. And hike through a cloud. And hike through constant rain. It was….an adventure to be sure, but we did get to see THE PONIESSSSS


The ponies REALLY liked Andres. I have a ton of really good pictures of him petting the ponies. They of course were really sweet cause they thought we had food. Of course there’s this HUGE sign when you start the hike saying 1) don’t feed the ponies and 2) don’t pet the ponies. I’m sorry, but after that hike we did where we all basically got soaked, there was no way we weren’t petting the ponies. And look at our faces – we were so excited!

IMG_8889But eventually we were all tired of being at the water park (as we referred to that day after) so we left.


See that fog? That’s not fog. That’s a cloud.

Saturday was Fourth of July, and thus the yearly family picnic! I don’t think I’ve been to that picnic since…maybe 2009? It was nice, as always. We finally were able to recreated this picture, taken in 2007, the last time we were all in Tennessee together.

Excuse the quality, cameras were horrible in 2007 ;) Also we're all babiesss

Excuse the quality, cameras were horrible in 2007 😉 Also we’re all babiesss

This time, we also had Andres to add.

DSC_0138I’m totally framing both pictures together eventually. It’s too good. We got a ton of family pictures, like always, and I especially love this one of all of us with Grandaddy. You can tell he’s totally ready to sit down.

DSC_0258Us “kids” shot off fireworks that night to celebrate, and I got some pretty cool action shots, this one being the best.


You’re a wizard, Harry – er, Andrew!

It was a great week. It was nice to spend time with the family and Grandaddy. I missed Nana the entire time, and I’m sure it’ll never go away, especially when there, where her absence is felt constantly. But that’s ok. I’ll love her forever and do my best to be as good of a grandmother someday.

To end this post, here’s the best picture I took the entire trip, and possibly ever – Jason accidentally knocking over his rock tower.


I just love it so much.

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